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I manufacture high-quality rasps, cut exclusively by hand, and files made of rust-free stainless steel in all variations for the making of wooden instruments (for example, for violin makers, guitar makers, plucked string instrument makers etc.), for the medical branch, as well as for model builders and sculptors all over the world; my customers are satisfied, and I would like to win you as a customer as well Worldwide delivery to the satisfaction of my clientele, to which I would also like to add you.

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Nut Files

0,3 / 0,4 / 0,5 / 0,6 / 0,7 / 0,8 /
0,9 / 1,1 / 1,2 / 1,5 / 2,0 mm

Price / Piece : Euro 20,00 net

Fret Files

Radius 2 mm or 3 mm

Handcut fret files

one side medium, one side finely hewn

Neck – Mortice Rasps

Double sided 5/7 TS 240
One-sided cut 5 TS 240-5
One-sided cut 7 TS 240-7